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The Present Now

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To live in the Present Now, is a certain way to success and happiness. The present is the only time there is. Dwelling on matters of the past or expressing and worrying about the future prevents you from being fully present. The “what if”, “would have, “should have” “could have”, the regrets, “if” I had done this or that, things would have been better. It is the “if” of the past that prevents the present from being fully realized in your life.

It is your action Now that matters, for action can only be done in the present. Pure action is living in the present. Your experiences are essential to your freedom, thus embrace them with gratitude, discern the value you have derived from them and realize without those experiences you would be in status quo, merely existing, resistant to progress.

Without discernment of your experiences and purposeful adjustment, are but a repetition of error. Through awareness and continual adjustment your experiences give you freedom. The Infinite Life is expressing itself in you, in the present always, and is the secret to freedom if you adjust and release conformity to preconceived ideas, patterns or systems; these are limitations preventing unfoldment of your aspirations.

Realize that the Infinite Mind within you is complete and there is no limitation, no pattern to adhere to, it is complete and perfect. To follow a pattern is to be limited. If you are only concerned with the present, your mind free from the past or future, you will express that which is perfect.

This is why living in the Present Now is the secret of success, happiness, and abundance in all areas of your life.


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