Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Discernment


Oracle card-Discernment-Main Horizontal image

Only by understanding the self with all its conditioning, and the story we fabricate can it be realized that this self- knowledge is the doorway to Truth, the gateway to the God Consciousness, the Christ within.

It is through discernment that we make decisions and take actions that are for the most benevolent outcome of all. It is a feeling, sense, where wisdom distinguishes between constructive and frivolous actions. It is accompanied with a peace, a deep knowing of the Truth of the matter.

When we listen to our heart, not the heart of others we act Divinely, think Divine thoughts and radiate a sense of wellbeing that interpenetrates with others promoting harmony under all circumstances.

Discernment is a Spiritual endowment that is developed with conscious awareness of the Christ in all, God in all. It is an art to listen to and observe everything without prejudice, with-out building up defenses to protect our ignorance, our confirmed beliefs, our original knowledge, our particular idiosyncrasies and our own points of view. Discernment comes form a place of Love, the Wisdom of God, Source. It reaches the deepest chambers of the heart where the mind is free from its own formulations, for the complete expansion of the Truth from within.

The mind is merely, ideas, memories and experiences - it is the known, it cannot reveal the unknown. Discerning the Truth, can only be revealed form within, not on the opinions of others. It is through True meditation, in the Now, the Present moment, that is the self revealing process in which you know yourself to be one with the Divine.