Sacred Geometry Flower of Life Visual Meditation

Accompanied by music composed in 432hz by
Mason van Kraayenburg


Dance of the Flower of Life Visual Meditation

  • Place yourself in a relaxed position, in a quiet undisturbed environment to view the Flower of Life Visual Meditation.  Still your mind while becoming consciously aware of your breath. A wonderful way of achieving this is to listen intently to your breathing for a few deep breaths, then return to normal breathing.
  • Place your full attention on the Flower of Live visual meditation whilst listening to the music scape. Simply listen and observe, with your mind free for the complete expansion of the experience. Take a few moments to acknowledge your presence and oneness with All There Is.
  • Feel the Presence of the Life Force Energy in each breath you take while you set an intention on what you wish to experience from this sacred geometry visual meditation.
  • In this state one is fully present, aware of the only moment in time, the only time there is. Allow your vision and attention to be focused on the central point of the animated glyph letting your peripheral take in the rest. Feel what is being stirred within you as you listen to the music and observe the fractal animation.
  • Sit quietly for a few minutes after viewing the Sacred Geometric dance and relish in the space you have just created. If you feel so inclined, make notes of your experience and feel free to share those on our blog, provided specifically for this site.


Dance of the Flower of Life



The Accompanying open eyed visual and auditory meditation is a co-creative collaborative effort between my son Mason and myself over a combined period of seven months. While doing a drawing one evening for one of the oracle cards I was inspired to do an animation, for I observe motion in each drawing I have completed. Of equal inspiration were the visions I had been experiencing, for they were in constant motion taking on ever expanding and contracting geometric shapes, in a sea of endless color change, together with thousands of tones, nothing was static. I realized that each geometric shape and each color carried a tone; it was energy, frequency and vibration in motion. “All there Is” is Divine Energy.

Over a period of four months I worked on this animation which is comprised of 23 individual layers created in a fractal program. Each layer is a separate and distinct geometric pattern. Each layer is a combination of many colors, and when all the layers are combined together they produce a geometric pattern of profound depth that hosts thousands of colors. I produced the sacred geometric animation the latter part of 2014 in whilst looking after my father in South Africa.

It was not until I started animating each layer individually that I was able to understand and experience the immense power and peace that, when combined, produced an activation of sorts. I became aware of an energy, a vibration within my entire cellular structure that seemed to be in motion. This was very similar to the experiences I encountered with the drawings, though significantly magnified and amplified.

During the four months it took me to produce the animation, I experienced numerous nights of extended visions, as if I were sitting in front of a huge screen observing the most amazing geometric displays of color scapes and sounds that to this day I am unable to comprehend. I knew that the animation was Divinely Inspired for it seemed to unfold in its own creation.
In the early stages of the animation I reached out to Mason and asked if he would write and compose a meditative piece of music that reflected his experiences from meditating on the animation. Mason and I had spoken frequently over the last few years about bringing something forward in a collaborative effort as a father and son team, sharing our mutual spiritual aspirations. I felt this was the perfect opportunity for this to manifest. Over a period of three months Mason wrote, composed, performed, and produced the accompanying music scape in 432 Hz.

I mention 432 Hz for a specific reason. The number 432 became known to me in 2011 after having channeled a drawing, for some 7 hours, that was comprised of the five platonic solids. I was then guided to draw lines using specific colors, from every connecting point in the drawing, to one centralized point that was a specific distance from the drawings center. When completed I was told it was a Master Crystal that contained numerous frequencies. 432 was one of those frequencies. I then started doing a ton of research on various frequencies and the relationship that 432 had with aspects of the Universe. It was at this point in time that I introduced Mason and his band, Enloom, to the tuning of instrumentation to A 432 Hz. After the band had experimented with A 432, I had the opportunity to go to the recording studio one night and listen to them perform with the new settings. The change was profound to say the least, for the first time I could feel the vibration of their music to the core of my Being.


I mention this merely to bring awareness to others of the harmonic balance that exists when instruments are tuned to A 432 versus the traditional A 440. I invite the reader to do some research on this matter and discern for yourself, as it is subject matter that I discerned through feelings and emotions, without introspection.

432 Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of vibration of the Universe. It vibrates with the Universe’s golden mean, PHI, which unites or brings together the attributes of, space, matter, light, gravity and electro-magnetism in a cohesive dance with biology, our DNA code, and consciousness, the Supreme Divine Mind. As we harmonize with the balanced frequency in nature and the Universe, we open ourselves up to profound expansion in unity with the Divine mind.

In early 2015 after my father’s transition, Mason and my elder son Russell joined me in South Africa that we could spend some time together, as I had not seen them in almost a year. An important part of their visit was Mason bringing the completed composition for me to hear for the first time , and so we could combine it with the animation. I was extremely anxious to hear what he had produced; however it was not until a couple days later, one evening during our travels in the eastern part of the country that I had the opportunity to listen to the piece with him and Russell for the first time.

We all jumped into the car to listen to the music, as we were in a remote resort and had no other means of doing so. I listened to the piece of music he wrote and was taken into another dimension; and I fondly recall asking him where the rest of it was, as the piece needed to be thirteen minutes long to accompany the fractal animation. His reply was “Well, you just listened to thirteen minutes.” I had him play it again as I was not convinced. I timed it and sure enough it was thirteen minutes long, clear evidence that I became so immersed with the piece that all time ceased.

We returned to Johannesburg after two weeks of a beautiful time together in bliss, spending much time in the Kruger National Game Park and visiting all the beautiful landscapes in the area. Unfortunately Russell had to return to Houston upon our return to Johannesburg.

Mason and I then embarked on our mission to combine the music with the fractal animation. It seemed to sync up effortlessly. We watched it together, this being my first experience with the music included in the animation. Mason had the opportunity of watching it during the period he composed the misic. I was quite emotional, for the animation took on a whole new dimension and it was perfect.

Over the next few weeks Mason and I spent many hours in meditation setting our intentions that this meditation will invoke activation in the viewer of their highest and greater good and for the most benevolent outcome to all, that each viewing shall bring about new experiences in alighnment with the Divine Nature of God, Source.
I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Mason for the delight and wonder he brought to this open eyed meditation scape.

I had always felt Mason’s music came from the Angelic Realm, also to witness the magnificence of the Divine Creative process when two or more gather with the intent to share inspiration and creativeness with others.