Principles of Divine Metaphysics

Keys to Realizing your Divine Nature.

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Mental, Emotional and Physical wellness from within.

Divine Metaphysics invokes the innate awareness within you.  Conscious awareness from moment to moment propels one into a productive purposeful way of life. In continual states of conscious awareness to all your thoughts, your thought actions you become directive, whereby your desires and aspirations are enveloped in clarity of purpose. Your passion and enthusiasm for living and loving life becomes the norm. You realize you are the creator of what out pictures in your life, one with the Infinite Divine Mind.  It is a holistic, dynamic conscious way of life, and combines many modalities, including Science of Breath, Yoga techniques, Stillness of the Mind through Meditation to mention but a few of the attributes which support you endeavors. 

I feel it a tremendous honor to be an instrument and conduit for the Splendid and Profound Work of Creator, Source, God. I have been an earnest student for fourteen years applying the principles of the Inner Teachings as taught by the Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas, healing, mentoring and sharing what I know of the truth; and I have experienced profound success knowing that I have been spiritually helped and guided in every respect. I am purely a conduit for the expression of the Universal Divine mind. It is the foundation of the coming golden age when Love and Wisdom will prevail.

Divine Metaphysics are the teachings for the express purpose of leading one along the path of the Masters; freeing the mind from limitation and imitation in the world of preconceived ideas, theories, concepts, cravings, envy, and greed, etc. It requires practice to keep the mind and heart free so that Truth and Love can manifest.  When we allow Love to dominate every act, word and thought, the perfect will be established by its own power with our minds free for the complete expansion of ourselves in Oneness with Source.

In order to discern and understand, the mind must be free and unlimited. We must erase from our belief system, conditions, patterns and behaviors we have taken on that we have developed without foundation, or are not ours.  It is the Natural Intelligence within we develop that opens the way to the understanding of life and the ability to see beyond the range of our experience. We must know ourselves to be one with Infinite Life, quietly allowing the Divine Love, Wisdom and Power to permeate our being. It is not what we know, but what we do - to lead by example. We must aspire to seek the boundless, infinite potentiality of creativity, that is beyond the confines of our current knowledge and experiences, for the betterment of all.

Divine Metaphysics is choosing a conscious way of life, applying a system in developing self mastery in our daily lives that provides one with the tools to eliminate from our minds, bodies and our circumstances, adverse conditions and replace them with perfect health, happiness and an abundance of all the things we need, in all areas of our lives. When we master the self we become a powerhouse to share with others.

Invoking The Intelligence of Source, The Supreme Being: 

When we invoke the Divine Spiritual Forces we invoke the Intelligence of Source, the Supreme Being, where the Will and Energy manifesting this great Intelligent Healing Power is incorporated, and this Power is abundantly absorbed when we fulfill certain conditions. When you attain a certain degree of proficiency and development, the Power will vibrate through you instantaneously and automatically.

The Universal Healing Force is everywhere. As we transform the basic principle of energy into electricity so that we can have light and power, so the soul transforms exactly the same principle into healing power. The soul of man is the beneficiary of this Mighty Power. Life is of the Spirit, consciousness is in Spirit and gives life to the soul and the body.

The Life Force Energy in us transforms into vital forces to stimulate and perform the proper functioning of our physical instruments; and just as cellular signals are projected, so can we project this Power in and around us, into others, that we produce vibrant creative surroundings in harmony with all. With the right intention we can project this Power to bring about constructive co-operation, peaceful resolution to challenging experiences to mention but a few. Our intention must not be for selfish reasons, but for the most benevolent outcome of all. 

The Gift of Healing - To Make Whole:

The gift of healing is a spiritual endowment for oneself and others that is within every human being and has only to be aroused, activated and developed. It is the greatest of all gifts, because by its use tremendous service can be given to humanity. From the earliest time in history the Power to heal has manifested. The same Power exists today as it existed thousands of years ago.

You can acquire this Power by training and development, whereby you will be able to bring harmony and balance to all your experiences, cure dis-ease in yourself and others. Healing (literally meaning to make whole) The gifts of Creator are silent Powers and the great forces of Nature are silent Forces, and those who wish to embrace this Power as a means of doing good will find it ready to spring into life.

The gift of healing applies to all facets of your life producing harmonious and unified business and personal relationships. It promotes Divine constructive thought and thought action. When acquired, one radiates confidence, capability and wellbeing, enveloped in Divine Love and Peace that touches all you come in contact with or think upon. It is magnetic, attracting to you all the resources you require to fulfill your aspirations and desires in service to all.

Radiating Life Force Energy:

It is recognizing and realizing that the Life Force Energy within is a powerful Healing tool to transform those unwanted conditions in your life, removing patterns that no longer serve you. It is necessary to have an open mind, as it is by the co-operation of the Divine Power within both the healer and the healed that produces results. No negative condition exists in the spiritual body; it exists only in the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the human being.

The emotional body is attached to the heart center, between the shoulders. This energy center is also referred to as the Heart Chakra.

The magnetic body is the power generator, and its center is situated in the solar plexus and has a direct contact through the motor and sensory nerves to the cerebellum and higher tissues. This energy center is referred to as the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The mental body is situated in the forehead and interpenetrates the emotional and physical bodies. This energy center is referred to as the Third Eye Chakra.

The spiritual body, which is always perfect in itself and is never ill, is above the head. This center is referred as the Crown Chakra.

The healing power is within every human being – become aware of your true nature “Divinity” the co-creator of your own wellbeing. It is from a place of balance and wellbeing that we can truly aid others.