In much appreciation to all who came across my path.

My sincere gratitude to all who came across my path, for I realize that every encounter and experience has been a catalyst for self transformation and contributed to my Spiritual growth and aspirations. To my children, a special thank you for the invaluable experiences you have afforded me on my earthly sojourn.

In pursuit of my own self mastery, I became an earnest student and practitioner learning and applying the principals of Divine Metaphysics, the teachings of the Tibetan Masters of the Himalayas. I express with deep gratitude and love to my Spiritual Teacher Dr. Murdo MacDonald-Bayne for your Divinely inspired writings and teachings that profoundly changed my life.  In deep appreciation to Thomas Staudt for our work together in the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power

To my editor, Carolyn Marie Vines, I am unable to express sufficient gratitude for your relentless pursuit of perfection in the work you performed in editing this book. You were able to take my ramblings, unheard of everlasting sentences, not to mention the grammatical errors and transform it into something I love - I deeply thank you.

With humble reverence I express my deepest sentiments of love and gratitude to the Divine Creator Himself and of course to Christ, my greatest mentor, for revealing the Path of the Masters to me. Thank you for your inspirations and revealings that also led me to learn of the magic and wonder that Sacred Geometry presented.

The Arcturians, my guides and beings of light that have been with me from the beginning, it has been an awesome journey. I am still in awe over the countless experienced that have revealed the harmony, love and magnificence of the human race, Mother Earth, all upon her and beyond.

All those on the path of self mastery, living and loving life, with aspirations to be the change, inspiring others to embrace their full potential, may your life’s purpose reveal to you your Divine Blueprint, that the Love, Wisdom, and Power of Source permeate in, through a around you in all you aspire to Be and Do.

My expression of Gratitude through Nature