Key Oracular Insights

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As I mentioned earlier in my introduction, the oracular insights are the inspirations, realizations, recognitions, assimilations and transformations I experienced during the thirteen years in studying, integrating and applying the principals of Divine Metaphysics into my daily life.

These are the teachings of the Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas for the express purpose of leading one on a path toward self mastery, aspiring to recognize and realize beyond a shadow of doubt that we are God, Source, within, not separate, “I am the Life,” and to be the Life, in a state of perpetual presence. It is living in the Now, the only time there is, observing and feeling the Presence in, through and around one from one Divinely appointed moment to the next Divinely appointed moment.

It is the same Presence that exists in all humanity, mother earth and all upon her.

It is a continual state of awareness, one with the Divine Mind, the Omnipresence of the Omniscient Omnipotent, that exists in all, that brings about realization that we are one with that Life.

It is the Christ Consciousness that these teachings lead one to see the Christ in all of Humanity, Loving thy neighbor as thyself, free from a conditioned mind for the complete expansion of God, Source, within.

The guidance I have received in the written expression that accompanies each card is but a mere fraction of the teachings, yet each card holds volumes of information, if you will but just sit in silence with each message, feeling the Presence of the Divine within you, feel the Love, feel the Love for yourself, for the greatest freedom comes when one can express that Love to all you come across in your life, and see Source, God, within all humanity and all living things.

Each of the Keys are principals of Divine Metaphysics, that are only acquired when one realizes these come from within oneself, nothing is external to you. Discern each Key, for each time you pick the same Key, one may receive a different understanding. Allow the understanding to permeate your being, without introspection, and feel what it is that resonates with you, and let that be your guide.