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March1, 2014

Hello Divine Brothers and Sisters.

I would like to introduce you to the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power.

I became aware of the Sanctuary through the inner teachings of the Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas many years ago. I have been an earnest student, practitioner and healer of these teachings for over twenty years. These teachings were revealed to me by my teacher Dr. Murdo MacDonald Bayne.  He spent long periods in the Himalayas with the True Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas where he received true enlightenment, evident in the writing of his many books and publications and his profound teachings and healings worldwide.

Whilst in the Himalayas he made contact with these great Angelic Forces. It is the great One Infinite Light and Love that surrounds the earth being directly mediated to earth through the medium of the Solar Angels.  This one Power is linked up in every living soul on earth and is the only Source of our being, and more are becoming aware of it.  By our conscious awareness to it we open ourselves up to it and by our acceptance of it, it expresses itself through us, we become God’s channel for the unfoldment of this Angelic Power latent in all.

Above the mighty Himalayas there has always been a mighty Spiritual Centre, of which much of the physical world has never heard.  Masters are in direct communication with this Mighty Power for the upliftment of mankind. You can now take part in these wondrous works.

Over a year ago I was led to connect with Thomas Staudt, also a student of these teachings for over eighteen years now.  He has translated and published many of Dr. Murdo MacDonald-Baynes books and publications into German. We have both been Divinely Inspired and Guided to revive the works set in place by our teacher who established the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power here on this earthly plane in conjunction with the Mighty Solar Angels and Higher Beings over seventy years ago.

Our work in the Sanctuary is Spiritually guided and aided by the Great Angelic Forces, in service to all Humanity for the most benevolent outcome of ALL.  We are honored in your uniting with us to super charge the atmosphere with your Love, Harmony, Peace, Joy and Healing.

This healing essence can be felt as it is received and expressed out again.  The sick have been healed and, the unhappy have been uplifted and all needs have been supplied.  Special times are necessary for receiving this wonderful power in conjunction with the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power. Special help is given to those who ask for it, those in sickness, distress, unhappiness, and want, doubt and confusion of mind.  All in need can apply for this help which is given freely.  Help us to charge the atmosphere with this power of Love, Wisdom and Healing and soon all adverse influences will begin to dissolve away.

This great Angelic spiritual centre has been expressing to the world for eons now, a spiritual essence of thought vibration and upliftment and silent healing power, the rays of which cover the earth.

We are all linked up in the great Angelic Stream of Life which is Love, Wisdom and Healing, the mind of humanity, whilst slow in recognizing this, is finally becoming receptive and is starting to feel it and becoming aware of it.

Click here to learn how to “Tune into” the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power.

Peace and love be with you.