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Welcome to the KEYS TO REALIZING YOUR DIVINE NATURE. These Sacred Geometric fractal drawings communicate information visually, through scores of geometric interlaced patterns, thousands of colors, each color accompanied by a Universal corresponding tone, inaudible to the ear, that activates awareness of the Universal Life Sound Current that moves in, through and around you from one Divinely appointed moment to the next.

The insights accompanying each card are inspirations that resonated the deepest with me over the twenty years since becoming an earnest student and practitioner learning and applying the principals of Divine Metaphysics, the teachings of the Tibetan Masters of the Himalayas. It is a dynamic conscious way of life, in a state of perpetual awareness of one’s thoughts and thought action, that enables us to eliminate from our minds, our bodies and our circumstances adverse conditions and replace them with perfect health, happiness and an abundance in all areas of our lives.

The messages with each card together with the sacred geometric fractals contain frequency activation codes unlocking your DNA through the Infinite Intelligence already within you. The Key insights invoke awareness in realizing your Divine Nature.

The writing hereof is to share with you certain aspects of my spiritual journey and, equally important, the manner in which I was guided to pursue Sacred Geometry.

I have clearly not been alone in my journey, and was not wholly responsible for these Divinely Inspired Sacred Geometry drawings and messages of inspiration, for I know I have been spiritually helped and guided throughout all these years. My deepest sense is to share these inspirations.

My experiences are too voluminous to share in this introduction of my sojourn into Sacred Geometry. My desire is to convey sufficiently, that you may benefit from these Sacred Geometric drawings as I have.

I grew up in South Africa with both a religious and spiritual background and gained particular interest in the eastern philosophies that were introduced to me, by my father, during my early teens.

Over the past thirty-five years I have studied, learned, assimilated and incorporated many different spiritual and religious teachings and Universal Energy healing modalities that resonate deeply with me.

Twenty years ago I became an earnest student and practitioner learning and applying the principals of Divine Metaphysics, the teachings of the Tibetan Masters of the Himalayas. It is a way of life, utilizing a system or technique that enables us to eliminate from our minds, our bodies and our circumstances adverse conditions and replace them with perfect health, happiness and an abundance in all areas of our lives. One of the greatest principles behind these teachings is acquiring a state, that is not a surface feeling, nor something the mind has the capacity to comprehend, but an awareness every moment of the Infinite “Presence” that it is always present, only in the present moment, the only time there is in reality.

I applied these techniques personally, as well as in the corporate world, with great success. By 2007, I finally realized my true passion and purpose, that my life’s work in this lifetime is to teach, heal, aid healers and to awaken teachers and seekers of Divine Metaphysics. I set my intentions to leave the corporate world in five years, to pursue my realized passion and purpose.

Well, the Universe had a different plan for me and provided a perfect opportunity for me to exit the corporate world in August of 2008. This life changing event afforded me the opportunity, that same month, to attend my first spiritual gathering at Mount Shasta in Northern California. This is where I became aware of Sacred Geometry, the energies of crystals, Archangel - Lord Metatron and the Arcturians.

Each member at this event was a soul reunion for me. During this gathering, a newfound soul family member, Sarah, shared with me her observation that I radiate a blue light, that of the Arcturians and I was to get in touch with them for I had an affinity with these light beings. I was somewhat startled as I had not heard of the Arcturians, though I always had felt a strong sense of connection with other dimensions.

By the end of this five day event I was engulfed in an ocean of emotions, awe, and wonder.

Connection with the Arcturians resonated so deeply within me that, when I returned to Houston, I embarked on learning about these Light Beings and availed myself to experiences with them.

In September of 2008, just before retiring for the night after meditation, I received a firm, yet kind and loving clairaudient message instructing me to go to Enchanted Rock in Texas the following morning and to spend a few days camping there. I often receive clairaudient messages, having an open dialog with my guides, so this was no strange occurrence to me, however I was enthused over the power and peace that accompanied this message. For lack of a better description, I asked the Angelic Being, “If this is to be and I am not imagining this, please afford me the opportunity to sleep deeply tonight, for I have not been sleeping well for some weeks. Then, awake me at 5:00 am and repeat this message to me.”

Since I knew nothing of Enchanted Rock, I researched it on the Internet, to learn that it was located outside of Fredericksburg, Texas. Enchanted Rock is recognized to be a geological phenomenon of monumental proportions known as a “batholith,” one created over a billion years ago. Enchanted rock is claimed to be the second largest ex-foliation granite dome in the United States.


Some legends  associated with Enchanted Rock are:

  • It is named “Spirit Song Rock” from native legends.
  • Native tribes revere it as a holy portal to other worlds.
  • Anyone spending the night on the rock becomes invisible.

The almost barren granite summit of Enchanted Rock houses small, eroded depressions where soil has collected to allow native plants to take root. These locations are like miniature prairies representing one of the most ecologically significant habitats found in the state of Texas. I was intrigued.

I went to bed with an amazing calmness, slept soundly, woke promptly at 5:00 am and sat up, looking to see what time it was when the message was repeated to me in the same beautiful manner. I was on the road headed for Enchanted Rock by 11:30 am the morning following my receiving this beautiful message. It would have been earlier but I had to scrounge up camping gear from my sons and friends.

En route I inquired what it was that I was to do there - no immediate answer was received. Whilst driving, I proceeded to still my mind and engaged in certain yoga breathing techniques I had learnt over the years, becoming ever present with my drive to Enchanted Rock. Once there, while I was setting up the campsite, I was told “Leon, you are to still your mind, and fully immerse yourself in the present moment, to simply listen and observe, listen and observe.”

After four days of experiencing being totally present, moving from one Divinely appointed moment to the next Divinely appointed moment, a deep knowing was instilled in me, far greater than any previous experiences, an irrefutable Truth that we are God within and One with God, The Supreme Being, the Universe, All There Is.

Two months later I was summoned by the Angelic Being I spoke of earlier to go back to Enchanted Rock, but this time I was instructed to take only one of my sons, Mason, along with me. For many years up until that point Mason and I had intimately shared our spiritual teachings and experiences with each other, meditating frequently together over the years. I was also asked to invite Sarah, whom I met at Mount Shasta, to join us should she so desire.

This would be Mason’s first trip to Enchanted Rock. We encountered a huge storm on the drive up which persisted to Fredericksburg. We were feeling a little disappointed, for we are both ardent stargazers and brought up Mason’s huge telescope to enjoy one of our passions. We arrived late that afternoon and proceeded to set up camp. The skies seemed to part in concert with our desires to observe the stars that night. We were joined by Sarah early that evening.

Sometime before dusk, I got the strong sense that we should go and meditate on the same rock outcropping I had mediated upon during my first experience there. We were meditating for some time, sitting with our knees touching one another which formed a hexagon between us, when an indescribable peaceful energy/presence engulfed us and a powerful circulating vortex formed between us. We came out of meditation lit up like huge candles and shared with one another the powerful peaceful and loving energies we had just encountered. After a short while we lay in silence absorbing this intense energy still moving in, through and around us, on a large granite out-cropping observing the evening sky as the sun was setting, and the stars started appearing one by one.

I am unable, at present, to go into any detail of the experiences after the meditation other than to express that for the next few hours we were enveloped by a greater presence, which was all around us, the most profound peaceful, yet intense energy. Both Sarah and I sensed that it might be the Arcturians from the moment it began, for we had been working much together, placing our attention on connecting with them. During this entire period we were shown visual displays in the skies immediately above us, all witnessing the same visions and expressions shown to us.

To this day, when either of us meet, we acknowledge the event with utmost grace and gratitude, for what we shared that evening and into the night is beyond the comprehension of our minds. It is with reverence, we embrace being graced with the opportunity granted to us.

The event had left an indelible impression upon my entire being and for some time I repeatedly asked the Universe what had transpired, for my intellectual head so wanted to gain perfect clarity around the experience. One morning during meditation an Angelic Being communicated with me saying, “I am Metatron. Your experience at Enchanted Rock was with the Arcturians.”

Since that first gathering at Mount Shasta in August 2008 I have had the pleasure of attending many other spiritual gatherings with the same group that hosted the Mount Shasta event. For the most part my participation was as a staff member working with the Vogel Crystals provided, as well as being one of the featured healers at some events up to the 12/12/12 event which was observed globally, that auspicious date to many of us on the spiritual path - “The Ascension of all Humanity, Mother Earth and all upon Her,” the end of the Mayan Calendar, the beginning of a new era.


It was during these events that I learnt a great deal about crystals and in particular Vogel Crystals. Over this period I acquired quite a collection of my own crystals, working with them and realizing their magnificence. They have become sentient beings to me.

I returned to the United States in late 2009, from an extended stay in South Africa attending to my father who had become quite ill. He had been my spiritual mentor since I was a young boy. Upon arriving in Texas, I was summoned once again to engulf myself in drawing Sacred Geometry shapes and placing attention on the platonic solids. The following year opened entire new experiences for me whilst drawing and meditating upon these Sacred Geometric shapes and their relation to all creation.

I started experiencing visions of geometric shapes, that are beyond description accompanied with tones, colors and hieroglyphs, some lasting for hours. I attempted to draw these, however could not capture what I was seeing in my mind’s eye. I asked for guidance to be able to draw these visions and first came across Adobe Illustrator. During 2013 I embarked upon graphically reproducing, into Adobe Illustrator, all my hand drawings I had done up until that point in time. Whilst Adobe Illustrator was great, I was still not able to draw the visions that I continued to experience.

Early January 2013 I returned to South Africa to take care of my father again who had taken a turn for the worse. It was during this stay that I was guided to a fractal art computer program that I started playing with as I felt that it might be able to capture the visions I continued to experience.

After almost three months of intense experimenting with the program, I was simply frustrated for I was not accomplishing my intention to accurately draw and share these master geometries as witnessed in my visions. The visions were getting more intense. I was about to give up on the fractal program when this drawing seemed to appear. I have no idea how I accomplished this, for it was perfect. I stared at it for a number of weeks and meditated upon it daily. That drawing is on the cover of this manual.

Interestingly, Sacred Geometry is none other than fractals. Since March of 2013, when the first drawing appeared, I have ardently immersed myself in drawing other visions and capturing their essence.

Since first experiencing the visions, my intent has been to share these and the messages they accompany, for through my own account, I know them to be powerful beyond measure. They are healing, activating our DNA, bringing about an awareness of the geometric magnificence of All There Is, aligning our chakras and meridian systems, and releasing patterns that no longer serve us.

I share these Sacred Geometric art expressions from my heart to your heart.   They activate one’s DNA, bridge energy portals, and open gateways to other dimensions, accessing your innate awareness to new possibilities of infinite potentiality.

The Oracular Insights accompanying each card are the principals of Divine Metaphysics, which offer states of conscious awareness in connecting with the Laws of the Universe as they relate to your current circumstances, aspirations or desires. Divine Metaphysics is a system or technique that enables us to eliminate from our minds, our bodies and our circumstances, adverse conditions and replace them with perfect health, happiness, harmony and an abundance of all the things we need in our 3D reality to live a purposeful productive life.

They represent one pointed focus and crystallize your unique individual talents and aspirations into a realm of knowing that all you aspire to do and be, shall manifest with ease, joy, and glory, when right intention, right attention and right action become your mode of operation.

May your journey with these Sacred Geometry drawings, fractals and oracular insights invoke and activate your highest aspirations of the greater self, for the most benevolent outcome of yourself, Humanity, Mother Earth and all upon her.

Peace and love be with you.

Leon van Kraayenburg.