64 Card Sacred Geometry DNA Activating Oracle Deck, Book and Box set


64 Card Sacred Geometry DNA Activating Oracle Deck, Accompanying Book of Sacred Geometry with Inspirations and affirmations in a beautiful Lift Top Box.

These Sacred Geometric DNA Activating fractal designs communicate information visually, through many layers and scores of geometric interlaced patterns, thousands of colors, each color accompanied by a Universal corresponding tone, inaudible to the ear, that activates awareness of the Universal Life Sound Current that moves in, through and around you from one Divinely appointed moment to the next.

The insights accompanying each card are inspirations that resonated the deepest with me over the twenty years since becoming an earnest student and practitioner learning and applying the principals of Divine Metaphysics, the teachings of the Tibetan Masters of the Himalayas.

The messages with each card together with the sacred geometric fractals contain frequency activation codes unlocking your 5th Dimensional 12 Strand DNA through the Infinite Intelligence already within you in conjunction with the Higher Beings.


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This beautiful deck of 64 Sacred Geometry 5th Dimensional 12 Strands DNA Activating Oracle Cards are mesmerizing. The Divine Sacred Geometry, I was told speaks for itself with each user individually, activating the 64 Codons in the DNA Strand and awakening our remembrance of our Divine Blueprint of 5th Dimensional 12 Strands DNA. The inspirational messages accompanying each card are those that inspired the author most of his studies of the teachings of the Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas.

Each card is 5 inches by 7 inches. They have rounded corners for easy handling and durability. They are printed to the highest quality standards on sturdy 350 gsm coated art paper and are gold foil edged.

Each card is double sided 4C color printing. The edges are gold foil stamped and a UV coated finish applied on both both sides for long lasting handling and durability.

The accompanying book of 207 pages is 7 inches by 5 inches and is perfect bound. The cover is 300  gsm glossy art paper, with 4C printing and has glossy lamination. The inner pages are of 128 gsm glossy art paper and coated after printing.

Each deck of 64 Oracle Cards and accompanying book are packed in a unique lift top box with the cards placed to the left of the book with finger cut outs for easy placement and access to the cards and book.

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