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How to Tune into the Mighty Force of the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary has been brought into operation by Spiritual guidance. It has the foundation of true healing. Now, we know that there are thousands upon thousands of healers in the world that have passed beyond this physical world but are still in the world, and are aiding and helping every one who wants help. These healers have a Spiritual organization through which the work is done.
  • The mind must be removed from disturbances, steady, light and glad, open to this Power that will free the Life in all its beauty and loftiness.  This will become more evident to you as you tune in at the specific times advised below.


  • To be a real help in the expression of this Divine Power your mind must be quite and at peace so that the Force can be received and expressed in its true nature – Love and Wisdom


  • It does not matter to what religion or sect you belong, it is this one Power that acts through all.  To be a real channel you must study these instructions and try to grasp their full and deeper meaning. The state required is a state of awareness, alertness, with the mind calm so that nothing can disturb it.


  • You must not try to give this Angelic Power a mental form nor add anything to it but remain calm, composed, unexcited, impersonal.  It certainly means not only a presence but “THE PRESENCE.”  You need not try to define it or turn it into an image of The Presence for this Presence in its nature is“Infinite.” What It has to manifest of Itself or out of Itself It will do inevitably by Its own power when there is sustained acceptance by you.  Many will feel the thrill of the Mighty Power pouring through them and this of itself is ample reward for it leaves its Presence with you.  It is impossible to imagine the great benefits you yourself will derive for it fulfills every personal need as well.


  • The most important time of the day is 12 o’clock noon when the sun is at its meridian and every three hours afterwards are suitable times, such as 3pm, 6pm, 12pm, 3am, 6am, and so round the clock daily.  It is not necessary for you to engage in all these times, the times most suitable to you for a few minutes wherever you may be is all that is necessary.


  • Your work will be the greatest blessing that has ever been offered to the world, for the Christ can live again in the hearts of man and woman.May this Love and Wisdom of our Glorious, Indescribable, Adoring Loving Father-Mother-God and the light of his Mighty Angels surround you in your great and glorious work.


  • This is not an entirely a physical organization but a spiritual organization and that is why so many miraculous things have taken place. The fundamentals are that when a name is placed upon the register for healing, it is immediately transferred to a Spiritual Register. It is taken by those Spiritual Forces who are working in harmony and in unison with us, then the Forces are detailed to assist that individual no matter in what part of the world they may be.


Thank you for your Glorious Participation in the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power, Houston, Texas USA