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The mentor must have the wisdom, skills and experiences which infuse enthusiasm and promotes the growth of those who seek to discern and realize innate greatness from within.

I feel it a great honor to be an Instrument and Conduit for the Great and Glorious Work of Creator. For many years I have been an earnest student, teacher and practitioner of the Inner Teachings as taught by the Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas, healing, teaching, consulting and mentoring what I knew of the truth; and I have experienced profound success knowing that I have been spiritually helped and guided in every respect.

I incorporate the Principles of Universal Divine Metaphysics, the teachings for the express purpose of leading one along the path of self mastery thus purposeful living; in business, start-ups, entrepreneurship, personally and groups. It is the principal of freeing the conditioned mind from limitation and imitation in the world of preconceived ideas, theories, concepts, cravings, envy, and greed, etc. It is necessary to keep the mind and heart free so that Truth and Love can manifest. Applying the principles is a dynamic conscious approach to ones thoughts, thought action and experiences.  The perfect is established by its own power when we allow Love to dominate every act, word and thought, with our minds free for the complete expansion of ourselves in Oneness with All There Is.

In order to discern and understand, one must free the mind from patterns, belief systems, be willing to explore the unknown thereby embracing the infinite potential that lies within waiting to be wakened. We must discern deeply, erase from our belief system, patterns and behaviors we have taken on that are not ours.  It is the Natural Intelligence within that opens the way to the understanding of life and the ability to see beyond the range of your experience.  In this way there is a profound revealing as we begin to understand ourselves and our role in service to our aspirations and humanity. We must know ourselves as one with Infinite Life, quietly allowing the Divine Love, Wisdom and Power to permeate our being. It is not what we know, for that is a limitation. We must aspire to seek the boundless, infinite potentiality of creativity for the betterment of all.

Divine Metaphysics is a conscious choice of a way of life, applying the principles, or developing self mastery in all arenas of our daily life that provides one with the tools to eliminate from our minds, bodies and our circumstances, adverse conditions and replace them with perfect health, happiness and an abundance of all the things we need, in all areas of our lives, with grace, confidence, capability and faith, knowing that all is well.

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