Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Faith


Oracle card-Faith-Main Horizontal Image

Unwavering faith is a necessity. Your belief must not rest in the wisdom of humanity, man, but in the Power, Love and Wisdom of God, Source, All There Is.

The secret to accomplishment of one’s aspirations and desires is to do all things without disputing or doubting. Trusting one’s intuition and inner guidance. This brings into operation the Creative Power to accomplish.

It is God, Source, Who inspires you with the will to do the good things you desire to do. It gives you the power to do so, and inspires you to take action, according to your understanding, for God is always inspiring you to do His will. With this understanding and realization, self conviction is natural and manifestation is thus with ease, joy and glory, for there is a knowing that All Is Well. You are glorified in God.

When one co-operates in faith with the Divine Intelligence, that which is within, one can fearlessly bring about the conditions that are desired in one’s life.

You are one with the Universal Consciousness when, by applying the instrument of faith, no limitations are realized. When faith is complete in oneself, there is no limitation.  But if belief is incomplete and doubt creeps in, then you are only limiting yourself by your own thinking.

Self trust and confidence, to be of true value, must have that vision within that sees nothing as being impossible. Our belief is according to recognition and realization that the power of faith itself is one with the Infinite Power. The Power of the Grand Architect of the Universe is unlimited and free. You must assign those same attributes to yourself.