Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Love


Oracle card-Love-Main Horizontal image


When you have Perfect Faith and believe in God, Source, and yourself, you then receive fully; you become one with the Divine Love, Wisdom and Power. When you say with feeling and recognize and realize “I am that I am”, I am All there is, my Father, God, Source and I are one”, you will experience the Divine Intelligence leading you, it always has and always will.

Through the Mother/Father God (Christ Principal) in you, is the doorway to Infinite Eternal Love. Let LOVE be the dominant factor in your life, an endearment beyond the love of the physical. A love beyond that of your family and friends, so deep that nothing can sever it, because there is nothing that can sever it. It is Divine Love. Therefore it is Perfect, and when we receive it and accept it, it is ours, and we become and express Divinity Itself. This is the constant renewing joy that repeats itself with every heartbeat.

The ideal way to become aware and get in touch with and embrace life’s opportunities is from the Heart, from Love. It is this awareness that frees us from the bondages of the mind. Love is not an emotion in the sense we usually think of emotion. All negative emotions are false, yet also energy in motion – they are intense active disturbing things. The feeling of love on the other hand is the most powerful peaceful feeling there is. In that sense, love is the only True emotion.

The greatest manifestation of Love is love for Love itself, and this is expressed through the Mother Principal within you.

Love IS and begins within you – it is not who you are but THAT YOU ARE – GOD, IS LOVE - LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.