Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Reaction


Oracle card - Reaction - Main Horizontal Image

The manner in which we react to our environment is extremely important, for it concerns everyone. Take time to peer into your mind and analyze your reactions to your environment, to your conditions, to people, your business, your home, family and friends, all of life around you. When we begin to see our reactions and analyze them properly, we then observe what our thoughts really are.

A thought may enter our minds from a reaction, that may evoke fear, anxiety, hope, happiness, anger, or joy. these are all different degrees of vibration. It is our reactions to events, people, environment and things that create our emotions. The emotion is the out picturing of the action of our thoughts according to the way they affect us. Our reactions, thoughts and emotions carry over into our sleep state and have a tremendous effect on the bodies and minds.

To transcend our reactions, thoughts and emotions, we must understand them and ourselves. In doing so they will no longer have that tremendous effect on our emotional and physical bodies. Can you calm yourself in the moment, not only outside but inside? Whatever the emotion that is churning inside will most certainly show itself outside.

Every vibration that is set in motion tends to manifest in our lives in some form. The energy created within must flow outwardly. If it is harmonized by our understanding of the Law of Vibration, and through constant awareness, then the undesirable effects are eliminated.

React constructively to every event in life.