Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Secure


Oracle card-Secure-Main Horizontal Iage

To feel secure is to know yourself to be one with Source. In that security you move spontaneously, with confidence and capability, without introspection, knowing that the Divine Mind is behind your thinking. You are always aware that you are the thinker creating with purpose, realizing that your manifestations will out-picture in your life as you have consciously envisaged them, or even greater than what you could conceive or perceive.

If we will but realize that worrying about our condition, environment or circumstances is the only trouble we have, and if immediately we cease to worry, our troubles begin to disappear.

One must understand that Life alone lives and created the body, nervous system and brain through which It could act in the physical; and through this Life in us we have connection with every soul in the world. With this awareness we can thus feel secure in all our dealings, affairs and aspirations with all whom we interact with in our daily lives. We must see the same Infinite life in all; it is the key to realizing infinite potentiality of all our aspirations, in harmony with all.

To be always conscious of Divine help is our best safeguard against all conditions, whether they be a result of our own making or those which are born to give us an experience to overcome. Experience is our escalator of progress when correctly understood. We are all passing through the same school of experience and we will retain those things helpful to us. Those things that trouble us will dissolve away through understanding, allowing us to become secure.