Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Simplicity


Oracle card-Simplicity-Main Horizontal image

Most do not understand the language of nature for it is too simple. We give way to this simplicity, creating in our minds complexities that have no foundation in Reality - Reality is Life. Life is creation. We are spiritual beings made in the image and likeness of our Creator, we are Creator’s reflection. His reality is our reality, His presence our presence. Associate yourself with the Power of the Presence of the Infinite Intelligence within, your Silent Partner; allow Him to speak through you and work with you.

Retreat to nature frequently and observe its simplicity. Listen to and observe the pure Infinite Intelligence in nature that simply Is; Nature does not have to be, It Is. That same Infinite Intelligence is within all humanity. As we become aware of the inexhaustible power which is behind and within us, we can draw from this power and rely on it to develop far greater possibilities of which we are not presently cognizant.

Our ability to think is proof that we inherit the creative power that created the Universe which is now expressing itself through us, its own creation; and this is the very power we ourselves use to impress our thoughts upon the Incubator of Universal Formless Substance, out of which everything manifests.

Becoming conscious of this is to really live, for we then become attuned and attached to the Universal Mind which is limitless and contains infinite possibilities for us when we co-operate with it, yielding results beyond our wildest dreams and expectations.

The qualities of the Universal become the qualities of the individual who becomes aware of its oneness.