Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Solar Angel

Solar Angel

Oracle card-Solar Angel-Main Horizontal image


Recognize and realize you are One with All There Is. We are intrinsically connected to the Grandest of the Solar Angels, the Angelic Realm in all its magnificence, the Ascended Masters, and to our Guides and Guardian Angels.

The profoundness and wonder of it is that these Glorious Teachers are with us in every respect, sharing their Infinite Wisdom and Love with us in our everyday lives. We are never alone, not for one moment.

Some of us experience loneliness or, on occasion, we feel that we are not connected with the grand scheme of things, the Angelic Realm, or our Guides and Source. This is only a perception of the mind, invariably driven by challenging experiences or disruptive circumstances currently observed in our sphere. Realize the Truth of the matter, that you are one with all; and we simply cannot be alone or disconnected. You are as grand as the Solar Angel, if you will allow and just believe.

The Grand Architect of the Universe, the Solar Angels and the company of heaven is within you. This is your Perfect State. The illusion of loneliness, feeling disconnected, is simply a state of disharmony and limitation. Release all disharmony and limitation by eliminating it from the Consciousness and the Perfect, which is your natural state will manifest.

The Perfect is always there, always! You do not have to manifest the Perfect, you do not have to make any effort to manifest the Perfect. The only effort one has to make is to eliminate all disharmony and limitation from one’s own consciousness or sub-consciousness; then you will see that which is Perfect manifesting in your life without effort.