Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Quantum


Now is the moment to embrace your true Divine Nature, for the present is the only time there is. Take a quantum leap of faith and experience the infinite supply of enthusiasm available to you to accomplish all your aspirations and desires. All you need do is ask for the enthusiasm and inspiration that envelops you always to manifest your dreams.

From a place of enthusiasm we open ourselves to receive the inexhaustible supply of Divine Life Force Energy, which balances the physical, mental and emotional bodies thereby activating you to explore realizing your full potential. When in balance our chakra system operates effortlessly, drawing in inspiration, insight and wisdom in alignment with the Universal Mind.

Visualize your state of perfect balance in harmony with the Grand Architect of the Universe. Recognize you are one with All There Is. You thereby bring into operation the co-operative co-creative mechanism with humanity, the Angelic Real and beyond, to foster relationships that team up with you to manifest your desires and aspirations, for the most benevolent outcome of all.

Take a quantum leap of faith and surrender yourself to the Great Divine which resides within you, the same Divine Intelligence that resides in all. In doing so you free yourself through understanding, from the confines of the mind, your conditioned belief system, limitation and error. Your thoughts and thought action then express the attributes of Source. We are the expression of Life, the Living Presence, which is not an idea but a deep knowing that the same Living Presence within is responsible for all Creation.