Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Expansion


Expansion-Oracle Cards - Sacred Geometry - Main Horizontal Image

Still the mind, quieten the senses, and free yourself from limitation, concepts, theories, assumptions, dogmas and creeds etc. Those are disruptive energies which confuse the mind and distort the Truth.

When the mind is free and unlimited, it is capable of discerning and understanding that the Divine Natural Intelligence is within. It is the key that opens the door for the complete expansion of Creator, God within - the Christ Consciousness. Sit with the Divine in meditation, in silence, embracing the Infinite Love, Wisdom and Power, that you feel It permeate in, through, and around your Being.

Recognize and realize this Mighty Intelligence is working through you.  Humanity is the instrument through which the Divine expresses Itself. Awareness of our oneness with the Universal Nature of all things, enables us to expand from our perceived limited state into the beautiful and magical expression which we instinctively know ourselves to be. We then identify ourselves with the Cause of all things, our thoughts which manifest in our lives. Therefore we strive, as a natural sequence, to realize powerful harmonious thoughts and thus experience the emotion of these beautiful thoughts, appreciating the value of Divine Thinking.

Expansion flourishes when the mind is still and one is firmly rooted in the present moment. Creativity can only happen in the present, the Now - The only time there is.

Realize that the present moment is eternity, and your expansion will be according to your understanding, continuous renewed creativity of infinite potentiality, in alignment with the Universal Mind.