Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Listen and Observe

Listen and Observe

Listen and Observe-Oracle Cards - Sacred Geometry - Main Horizontal Image

It is an art to listen and observe everything, including one’s own thoughts and others without prejudice, without building up defenses to protect our ego, without feeling to be the victim of our confirmed belief system, our original knowledge, our particular idiosyncrasies and our own points of view.

Simply to listen and observe is an artistic form in finding out the truth of the matter. For it is only the truth that fundamentally frees us - not assumptions, conclusions or speculations, but the perception of what is not true. What the mind is made up of is not Truth. Truth is beyond mind, so the mind must cease to formulate before Truth is revealed.

Simply to listen and be in observation is power, and from this place of peaceful power, your thought action is known before expressed. You become aware of being the thinker in oneness with the Infinite Universal Mind. Your thoughts and thought action becomes one of aspiring to express constructively. Listen and observe and you will realize a great teacher within.

Retreat to nature often to discern the immense power of the Infinite Divine Intelligence in all life. It simply Is, it does not have to do, it is a state of being that you wish to observe and to connect with.

Practice observing and feeling the Divine Presence that is in everything, that is within you. Allow your mind to be silent in practicing the art of listening and observing. You will experience that it is in the silence, and through meditation that peace and harmony is maintained.