Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Attention


Oracle card-Attention-Main Horizontal image

The most powerful attribute toward manifesting one’s aspirations is to place right attention to those matters. The Divine Creative Power within us manifests our aspirations, desires and needs to that which we give our attention.

It is wonderful to set intentions, however if one does not place awareness toward those intentions they become meaningless. Placing continued contemplation and awareness, coupled with positive thoughts toward achieving one’s aspirations, sets into motion the Law of Attraction and the Universe responds accordingly.

By continuous contemplation and recognizing your creative power is One with the Divine Mind, you will get all the details, a clear picture in your mind of what you want. This evokes enthusiasm, confidence, capability, and excitement which leads to taking spontaneous action. Action, the next natural course, stimulates your faith and purpose.

Right attention in this way keeps your mind focused on the desires and aspirations you want to see manifest, not on what you do not want to show up in your life. We must realize that everything is in vibration and according to the vibration of our thoughts, attention and action toward our ideals, we have the power of projecting that which we hold in our mind’s eye.

Allow your awareness to the matters you pursue to create a picture so clear that you impress your thoughts and visions on the Infinite Divine Mind within you. Mind is the only substance from which all things are created.