Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Understanding


Understanding is a Spiritual Birth, a revelation of God, Source within, the Christ Consciousness within the human soul. One may have an intellectual perception of the Truth, grasping in the mind that God, Source, is the giver of all good gifts - Life, Health, Love etc.. However, true self mastery is revealed to the Consciousness from within, not external to oneself.

Not until one knows within oneself that the source of all wisdom, health, joy, and peace is within one’s own being, ready at any moment to leap into action and present itself at one’s beck and call, can one have true understanding. To seek any of these fine gifts external to oneself is living in separation from the Truth of our being.

When one is able to enter into the Silence through meditation and be one with the Divine, in that place where a state of peace and harmony unfolds revealing one’s true nature, a Spiritual understanding is realized.

Only through the Silence, by closing the door to all outside effects of the world, shutting out the noise and mind chatter, can one find the Kingdom (the true consciousness within.) In this state of peace can one communicate with the higher self, the God of Power, the God of Wisdom, and the God of Love. “Seek ye first the Kingdom, and all else will be bestowed upon you.”

Realize the heart of all things is found within oneself, there is thus no longer any external seeking. You will have found the source from which all must flow. Through understanding we will find that all things are ours as a natural sequence.