Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Divine Blueprint

Divine Blueprint

Oracle Deck-Divine Blueprint-Main Horizontal Image

To attain freedom humanity must realize his/her three modes of Being – the spiritual, the psychic and the physical: or as the bible refers to it, Spirit, Soul and Body – these three are one and not separate. Body is the vehicle of the soul. Soul is the vehicle of the Spirit. Spirit is paramount and gives rise to both of them, combined in a single unity, ONE – and this is the state of Being. This is your Divine Blueprint. When you accept the Truth of Being – One Source, One God, and that is the Infinite Source, you are free.

The state of Being is not through intellectualizing or introspection, it is an awareness, a knowing. It is not by images of yourself that the awareness is obtained but through the realization and recognition that you are Infinite Life – One with God, Source, All There Is - however you wish to refer to the Supreme Being. Being aware is your awareness; it is the creative power behind all things, including your thoughts.

Become aware of your awareness. Again, it is not an image of yourself but the realization of yourself knowing yourself to be: this is the only awareness and it is the God Consciousness within. ”I am that I am.”

When you know the truth of “I am” which is God’s name, then you will know that the Great Architect of the Universal self has individualized itself in you. You are the Microcosm – the manifestation of the Infinite Macrocosm.

Affirm your “I am”, claim your Divine Blueprint. It is your Divine Birthright.