Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Habit and Patterns

Habit and Patterns

Oracle card-Habit and Patterns-Main Horizontal Image

The Instinctive Divine Principal that functions in each individual’s body can be upset by habits, patterns, thoughts and emotions that are not in alignment with the nature of the Divine. Divine Nature is harmony, peace, love, strength, contentment etc.. You will know when you identify yourself with this Divine Nature, for it will externalize itself in your life.

Habit and patterns are most difficult to overcome for they are the result of repeated processes that become established within. The remedy is not to deny, rebel or feel inferior because of any habit.  One must rise to the level of your Divine Nature, which is instinctive within all humanity, then the habit or repeated patterns will dissolve automatically.

Remove fear, anxiety, doubt, and limitations and all such things that do not serve you. It is not by denying them, but knowing what they are. Reality, the God within all will be established in you by your meditation and the practice of the Law of Life, living in the present, the Now, the only time there is.

Failure is impossible while recognizing you are One with Source. When one realizes that so-called failures are but experiences on one’s journey, one will no longer fear or become disillusioned. Instead one will move forward, fearlessly knowing that the beginning and the end is Love, God, Source and you are One. Establish this firmly in your awareness, you will keep going forward and your experiences become victories, for your recognition of God within, is the expression of your Divine Nature.

Meditate on this daily until the Reality of the Divine Light within illuminates in your soul.