Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Law of Manifestation

Law of Manifestation

Oracle card-Law of Manifestation-Main Horizontal image

Invoke the Law of Manifestation. To realize that the perfect is, enables it to manifest. Allow the “God Intelligence” to manifest through your mind, your body and through your actions and affairs.

The Creative Power in humanity is identical with the creative power of God, Source, just to a varying degree. “As man thinketh so shall it be unto him”. When this truth is recognized it frees one from fear and limitation. This key truth dismisses all negative thoughts, all fear of imperfect conditions.

It is the Creative Power that thinks. You create thoughts, and they will out-picture in your life according to the intensity of the power behind them. Be aware of the Creative Power, for according to your belief in your thoughts, shall their manifestation take form.

Thought is the mode of action, the process of creation, thus manifestation.

Everything you see on Earth is made from one Original Formless Substance, which originated in thought. There is an infinite supply of Formless Substance available for manifesting your desires and aspirations.

Be aware of your thoughts, that you may consciously impress your aspirations upon this Divine Formless Substance and cause the manifesting of the things you think about. Hold your thoughts pure, through conscious awareness, and allow this Creative Power into your personal life, that it will manifest in your everyday existence.