Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Omniscient


Oracle card-Omniscient-Main Horizontal image


Live spontaneously and endeavor to become aware of the fact that God, Source, is the Omniscient Being expressing himself in you. The realization and recognition of the Truth that there is but One and the Oneness of this Truth unites all souls in one primary principle of life, one religion, one God, one family, one people living in harmony, peace, gratitude, in love with all life.

To understand this completeness you must realize your Omniscient Nature; there must be non-attachment to rigid ideas, beliefs, theories, the past or the future, for when you pattern your life on these you inhibit the unfoldment of your True Divine Nature. One must strip oneself naked spiritually, mentally and materially; empty your mind and heart of inherent theories of right and wrong, what is spiritual and what is not spiritual.

What is necessary is an awareness and effort to keep the mind and heart free so that Truth and Love can manifest, for that is the natural state of humanity. Truth and Love do manifest when we free ourselves from ideas, envy, theories, imitation and limitation, for none of these serve us. The Truth, recognizing you are the Life, is free and natural and manifests itself without personal effort.

Life being perfect in Itself, is expressing Itself continually. Your teacher is within you. Listen to the Universal Soul within, that the individualized personality be flooded with the impersonal.

There are two things you need that are essential in your life; freedom from all illusion and an awareness of your own Divinity. God is the one Consciousness permeating the whole of humanity; and freedom comes from the understanding that God, Source, holds you perfect, made in His likeness.