Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Absence/Separation

Absence / Separation

Oracle card Absence/Separation-Main Horizontal Image

When love is absent, fear and separation is in operation. Darkness is but the absence of light, and what we observe as error of our ways is but the absence of reality. Negative and unreal things exist only when there is absence of the real.

Where there is truth there can be no error, and love eradicates fear and separation. When we have love for ourselves and our neighbors, we have no hate, jealousy or envy; these things cannot enter our hearts when our hearts are full of love.

When we recognize this truth in ourselves we see clearly that there is no room for anything that hinders our true Divine expression.

To raise oneself to the higher self and to know oneself in the higher self is the real purpose and meaning of life. We must not look at ourselves as being separate from our neighbors. We must unite our mental and physical efforts for our highest aspirations. It can only take place through the union of our mutual efforts aspiring to see that the Christ, God, exists within all, that we can all achieve and experience peace and understanding so essential to making life fruitful.

Our true Spiritual evolution begins when we realize the truth of our being, first in ourselves, then in our neighbors. No individual can be true to oneself unless he/she is one with all others and being true to all others.

To participate successfully in the lives of others we must recognize that there is but one living Being, and he is God, Source, and God is the Christ that lives in every human soul.