Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Capability


Oracle Cards-Capability-Main horizontal image

Know that you are the thinker, then your capability is infinite. You think and by your thoughts you create. Therefore let your thoughts be as perfect as possible, so that they will manifest accordingly.

Your own Divine Power within you is the light behind the picture in your mind, and the only power it has is the power you give it, for it is your own creation.

So the Creator is the Thinker, the thought is the cause, and the form of manifestation is the effect.

These three are one - One - changing from Cause to Effect.

Remember “as a man/woman thinketh so is he/she.” It is not what you want that you get, but what you think upon deeply. It is the deepest thought with love and positive emotion that counts.

Allow your imagination to be filled with the idea that Divine Life fills you, and it will fill you with all the capability you require to achieve your aspirations.

The same creative power in God, Source, is expressed in humanity, the only difference being in degree. It is therefore our Divine Blueprint, our birthright to possess and express the attributes of the Divine.

Realize your birthright and you will move forward with confidence, knowing deep within your core that you are capable of achieving all your aspirations in harmonious relation with the Law of Vibration.