Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Emotion


Oracle Cards-Emotion-Main Horizontal Image

Love is the only true emotion, all other so called emotions are energy in motion. Love wells up from the core of our being for it is the embodiment of God, Source, within which is expressing Itself through all of humanity. Our realization of this magnificent peace and harmony brings about profound awareness in you of all that is not of this Pure love.

It allows you to discern the energies that no longer serve you, as in fear, anxiety, loneliness, jealousy, possessiveness, hate, envy etc.. You then bring them into the field of your awareness to recognize these energies for what they are. One then realizes that they have no power of their own, only the power we give them. As you discern the root cause of these so called emotions, embracing them with the Infinite Divine Love, they disappear into nothingness through understanding. Your outer world starts reflecting the change that has taken place within.

Recognize also that the experiences gained through all emotions, the positive as well as the negative, are of great value to one’s spiritual unfoldment, as you are becoming through overcoming. Thus the Soul will realize its power over all limitations. Express gratitude for each and every emotion experienced, as the things that are helpful will be retained.

Through love of yourself and forgiveness of others, you will lose memory of the energies that did not serve you and only retain those that propel you forward in your aspirations to achieve your wants and desires in service to humanity. With full confidence in the Divine Presence one will emerge victoriously without weakness, fear or so called other emotions.