Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Intuition


Oracle Cards-Intuition-Main Horizontal Image

There is an invisible influence always with you, guiding and directing you. You will find that you get a better understanding of this invisible influence by trusting it. Your intuition, often referred to as clairsentience, is that innate ability within you to sense and feel things that are beyond explanation. It is your guiding light and when developed and trusted is a formidable force supporting you in all your endeavors.

We sometimes second guess our innate power only to realize later that we were correct in our sense and feelings. It is only the limitations of the mind that create doubt and impede full utilization of one’s intuition. We learn Truth through our intuitiveness, which comes through our spiritual sense and not from our ordinary senses.

Allow yourself to become increasingly aware of the Divine Infinite Intelligence that is already within you; nurture your innate wisdom by trusting that first response.

Live in faith, believing, knowing, let wisdom and love guide you; listen deeper into your soul, become conscious of your intuition, trust it. It is there to serve you.

Realize that there is perfect consciousness within you, your oneness with God, Source, unlimited and free, and there is no power external to yourself that is greater than the Power within you.

Still the mind and allow Source, God within you, to speak. I am that I am. I am my I am Presence.