Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Law of Being

Law of Being

Oracle card - law of Being - Main Horizontal Image

To acquire Divine Power we must realize the fundamental Truth of our Being. The Supreme Understanding is our realization of the Oneness of everything. Our own creative power is one with the Creative Power in everything, and we must learn how to operate this creative power.

There is only one Being and this Being is also our Being, not separate, not distant from us, but that we Are; we do not have to be, we Are that Being. First, we must learn that the only power is within and this is the power where we can feel secure, because it is Creator, God within us; and with this consciousness, there is freedom. We must discover the law of our own minds and use this law not only for our own benefit, but also to enlighten others so they too can understand and remove unwanted perceived energies that no longer serve them, such as doubt, fear, and helplessness.

It is through gaining an understanding of the power behind our thoughts that our thoughts evolve into a powerhouse that radiates throughout the world.

The real aspired attribute to gain in Life is to learn how to think, and this magical power has been placed into our hands that we may use it for the most benevolent outcome of all.

It is through becoming consciously aware that the Infinite Spirit is yourself, that you realize that this is the power behind your thinking. This is the awareness having no limitation, expanding into infinity. There is one Mind; realize by the power within, through your thinking, you create whether you like what you create or not.