Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Wisdom


Oracle Cards-Wisdom-Main Horizontal Image

Wisdom is everywhere and is humanity’s true nature. It is the action of wisdom that makes us whole in every respect. We do not get this attribute through the senses or by reacting to the effects that out-picture in our lives as a result of our past thinking.

One gains wisdom through the Silence, and this Silence is the first step to self control and self mastery.

Through the Silence, stillness of mind, we begin to unite with the Infinite Mind Consciousness and we become the channels through which the Infinite Mind expresses Itself.

In the Silence all error is dissolved away, and in the quietness and peace the Infinite Intelligence itself, the Omniscient, all Wisdom and all Knowledge there is, moves silently into action.

We must become consciously aware of ourselves in Oneness with All There is, and this should be the starting point of all thought. One will then create conditions according to the Omniscient nature of God, Source, and bring into our lives perfect happiness, perfect health and abundance.

It is under these conditions that we come into our inheritance of Health, Harmony and Abundance in all areas of our lives.

To obtain these we must give up our limitations. Our weaknesses, our self pity, and our sense of entitlement. It means that one no longer believes in them, but changes one’s thought in the opposite direction, so that one can consciously become aware of one’s Divine Nature, the real self - our true nature, One with All There Is.