Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Boundaries


Oracle card-Boundaries-Main Horizontal image


In observing nature we can see she establishes no boundaries of her own. It is through the Divine Intelligence in Nature that the mineral, plant and animal Kingdoms work in perfect harmony. The instinct in nature does not reason, it simply expresses itself. The same Intelligence exists in humanity yet we have created innumerable boundaries on this earthly plane through, dogmas, creeds, religion, greed, want for power etc., creating separation and inharmonious states counter to the Law of Creation.

The One Infinite Life that lives in all is expressing Itself in the present through every man, woman and child. The finite, humanity, is the individual existing in the Infinite where there is no division, no separation, no conformity to some idea, or some pattern or system to adhere to. The establishment of boundaries causes division and limitation which foster separateness.

Each one of us is either contributing to the growing sorrows of others and the world in general by lack of discernment regarding our beliefs, our moods, our reactions or we can substantially diminish sorrow by seeing beyond the boundaries of limitation through observation and self reflection, by radiating kindness, transmuting and dissolving error through compassion, affection, understanding and love.

We are not judged by our religion or philosophy, but by what we are, the manner in which we treat others, the manner of our friendship and help toward others under all circumstances and not what we hold intellectually as our philosophy. It is not what we know that counts, but what we are.