Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Grace


Oracle card-Compassion-Main Horizontal Image

To be in grace for all that transpires in your life is an attribute of the Divine. Ask yourself, “What do you think of God, Source, the Grand Architect of the Universe?” Question yourself as to how much love, wisdom and power as well as what possibilities you attribute to Him. Become conscious of the visualization formed in your mind and the place the Divine occupies in your life, your daily affairs, thoughts and actions.

Having done this, think of your own creative capacity and add the qualities you attribute to God, Source, then apply them to your own life, in your business, your interaction with others, your health and social environment. By doing so, you bring into operation the higher phases of your mind. This makes all things possible, and God, Source, becomes a reality to you in all your experiences.

When we dwell upon the attributes of the Divine we create in ourselves these same attributes, for thoughts are things. The more we preoccupy ourselves with an attribute, the greater its development becomes within ourselves. When we ponder upon the unlimited nature of God, the Love of God, the Power of God, the Peace of God, the Wisdom and Creative Power of God, the inexhaustible resources of God and the Eternal Nature of God, we begin to make these our own attributes.

As thought is creative, we create in our inner realms by the power of our own thought-action; and as we weave into our minds all these attributes that we believe to be true of God into a conscious realization, the natural sequence of the Laws of the Universe must produce in the outer what we create in the inner.

Identify yourself with the Creative Principles and you will find they begin to reproduce within yourself.