Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Reality

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In order to know Reality one must be entirely free in the mind and the heart from the impositions of authority, limitations and imitation Free from all cravings both spiritual and material. One must strip oneself naked spiritually, mentally and materially, in a sense emptying your mind and your heart. Through our experiences and environment we become conditioned through learned behaviors, belief systems and opinions of others. You thus inheriting theories of right and wrong, good and bad. What is spiritual and what is not spiritual? The heart may be so filled with religion that there is no room for love. The mind so filled with theories that there is no room for Truth. Truth is. It does not have to be.

What is required is an attitude and an effort to keep the mind and heart free so that Truth and Love can manifest. They begin to manifest, the essence of the Divine, when we free ourselves from theories, opinions, cravings, concepts, limitation and imitation. The Truth - Life - is free and natural, and manifests itself without our personal effort.

Life, in it’s perfection, is expressing itself continuously; know the Life, to be yourself. Reality cannot be created from the imagination, envisaged or explained, for that which can be explained is not the Truth. The endless nature of Reality can only be understood in the fullness of the Present, not in some distant future that never comes. To understand this completeness there must be non-attachment to ideas, beliefs, the past or the future; for this is the world of illusion. When you pattern your life on these, you give up yourself to authority, you lose your individuality, you allow others to spiritually do your thinking for you.

Know that you are the Truth. It is freedom from all illusion that you are seeking.