Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Divinity


Oracle card-Divinity-Main Horizontal image

The Spirit is evolving humanity at an alarming rate in its greatest cycle of spiritual unfoldment, so that we as a whole are changing. The inner urge that you all have for enlightenment and awareness of the truth is the Divine within you. The Angelic realm is ushering in the Golden Age to which the old age must give way.

The time is not far off when humanity will be freed from the bondage of politics, financial and economic suppression, dogmas, creeds and blindness to reality through orthodoxy.

The Spirit of man is striving to free itself and nothing can stop its progress. It is the great overwhelming force of Nature within that is the governing body of our planet. It is this urge that is making you all seek this true path to freedom. Listen and observe the Divinity that is rising within you, and in your brothers, sisters and mothers.

Freedom will be easy for those who seek and aspire to live this unfoldment. It will be difficult for those who are attached to the old paradigm of greed, superstition, ignorance and oppression to free themselves.

The real secret of power is to be conscious of the Divine power behind all creation, which is individualized in each and everyone of you.

We cannot interfere with the inexhaustible power of Divine Spirit behind this evolutionary change.  We can co-operate with it; and by doing so we are in flow with the stream of life, instead of struggling against it. Therefore the more conscious we become of the Unified Field of the Universal Divine Mind which is propelling us forward, the less conscious we become of our limitations and conditions.  The more we will realize we are one with the grand scheme of the Spiritual Golden Age upon us. Claim your Divinity and see the Divinity in others.