Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Exchange


Oracle card-Exchange-Main Horizontal Image


The vibration of exchange is as natural as the Law of The Universe, in which the Law of Giving and Receiving functions.

Every interaction in our lives becomes powerful, especially those that are accompanied with awareness of the intent behind the words we use, and the actions we take. We act with purpose which activates fulfillment of the Law of Attraction through conscious Divine application.

Universal exchange occurs whether we are conscious of our thoughts and thought actions or not. We thus invite into our lives precisely what we sow as seed. Recognize and realize that there is only the Manifestor and the Manifestion. That which is dominant in your thoughts and thought actions is produced in your life. The inner is the outer.

By being constructive in all our thoughts and actions knowing that we are sowing Divine seed with purpose, passion and enthusiasm, we exchange vibration in harmony with the Universe, manifesting according to the picture we create within. In this way one will not violate the Law of Receiving.

In relation to the Law of Giving, one must be as ready to give as to receive, then the Law is complete. Detachment is the secret key here. To be truly unselfish one must, by a conscious mental process, detach one’s self from all things external. This is attained by spiritual understanding and discipline.

Allow your soul to manifest in all your work and actions. Let every conscious act be colorful and inspiring with an involuntary effort, so that the Divine Light will be made manifest through everything you do. The secret key to success and happiness is to practice exchange with an enthusiastic interest, striving to do perfect work, even in challenging situations.