Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Inner Child

Inner Child

Oracle card-Inner Child-Main Horizontal image

As with a child, the Joy and freedom of Truth and Love is spontaneous, it comes naturally, without effort, without introspection. It is the new joy, being perfect joy itself. It is sweet and silent in every aspect of their daily living. Living, acting spontaneously, is as natural as the breath of life. Spontaneous living from moment to moment is the glory of their living. The child knows neither living in the past nor worrying about the future – there is a deep knowing of Now, that All is Well. In their life there is no other time but NOW.

When the mind dwells on past hurts and/or the future, it is not capable of expressing the Divine moment – NOW.

Honor your inner child for, in service to you, it has all too often in protection mode, guided, protected, reacted, rebelled, and steeped in fear. It has merged into the darkness of self pity, self worth challenges, denial, to mention but a few emotions that reside deep within. It is their way of calling upon you to release these unwanted energies that no longer serve you. Every experience that evokes a reaction is an opportunity to heal the inner child. It is not to deny expressing the emotion of the past hurts or experiences, but to embrace them for what they are. It is simply your innate guidance system to recognize, honor and love your inner child.

Allow yourself and your inner child to merge into the remembrance of the serenity within you, that you naturally expressed as a child spontaneously, living and loving life in perfect joy, freedom of truth, wonder and excitement. Live each moment in a dance of freedom, serenity, love, compassion and gratitude, in grace and harmony, moving from one Divinely appointed moment to the next Divinely appointed moment.