Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Law of Vibration

Law of Vibration

Law of Vibration - Oracle Cards - Sacred Geometry - Main Horizontal Image

Everything is in accordance to the Law of Vibration. The varying degrees of vibration make up the different things we see and feel. This is applicable not only in the visible world, but also in the invisible expansiveness of the Universe.

All this is in the One Universal Mind and the prevailing thoughts cause the different vibrations.

Any inharmonious vibration that may prevail can be immediately altered by consciously becoming aware of the condition and changing the attitude towards it. That is why it is so essential that we become aware of our mental attitude.  Always aware, observing and discerning the kinds of desires, emotions and thoughts we entertain.

The vibration we set up within, whether consciously or unconsciously, is being expressed in our lives, in our bodies and our circumstances in the world we live in. The inner is the outer and the outer is the inner.

We must strive to become strong and free. This is accomplished by taking sole responsibility for all we do, aware of all our thoughts and actions. Conscious that we may radiate an harmonious vibration. Purity of our manifestations are externalized by the power of the thought that engender them, therefore we must examine our method of thinking.

Remember that every thought attracts its kind, producing the vibration that we see manifesting in our lives. Let every thought be constructive in nature for the betterment of all.