Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Oracle card-Tree of Life-Main Horizontal Image

Quietly and calmly ask yourself, no matter how large or small it may appear to you, “What am I struggling for or what am I struggling against”.

Taking hold of the Tree of Life and letting go of the Tree of Knowledge, releases one to experience freedom from struggle. Recognizing, realizing and feeling the Presence, is the Tree of Life and this is the Love, Wisdom, Power and Healing which is always present within you.

As soon as one sees that there is nothing to fight or struggle against, freedom is obtained. How does one see this? By recognizing that the struggle on one end and the hoped for resolution on the other is placed in the future, both always remain in the future and never come. Resolution comes by claiming your I Am Presence, in the present moment, recognizing that the Presence is Love, Wisdom, Power and Healing. Then you realize that your mind is the reflection of the Infinite Mind and there is no longer the need for struggle. The only condition being sustained acceptance of one’s current circumstances, and thus freedom is gained and one is released from all resistance.

You are Spiritual, made in the image and likeness of your Creator; you are his reflection and to have this reflection you must cease to struggle, cease to crave, cease being envious, for these cause conflict and are the clinging to the ignorant belief of one’s duality - double mindedness. God’s reality is your reality, His Presence your presence. Taking hold of the Tree of Life is becoming aware of the one Life, the Only Life. I am that Life, you are that Life. “I am Alpha and Omega,” the end is the beginning.