Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Universal Mind

Universal Mind

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The Universal Mind is All There Is and there is nothing else. All creation and manifestation must originate in it and be of it.

The animating power in the Universal Mind is Spirit. This Spirit causes all form and changes in that form to take place in accordance with one’s thoughts that are impressed upon It's Infinite Creative Power.

The Universal Mind is the inexhaustible incubator of creation and manifestation. It is the Original Formless Living Substance which is Divine Creative Energy and constantly produces new forms. There is no limit to the supply of Original Formless Substance out of which everything is manifested. Thus all is possible.

It is the power behind thought. Thought is its means of expression and creation. Everything you see on earth and in the vast expansiveness of our Universe is made from this One Original Formless Living Substance.

In understanding the Power of Thought we realize that each thought is a seed sown into the garden of Original Formless Living Substance. No different to a seed of a tree or flower, that manifests in the form of the thought.

Be aware that all your thoughts and visualizations hold the key to what out-pictures in your life. By invoking this key, one establishes the true serenity of thought and the purity of emotion which belongs to the freedom of life, the love of life Itself.

The Creative Power of the Universal Mind is within. It is waiting patiently to express itself through its instruments on earth, you and me. 

Universal Mind - Oracle Cards - Sacred Geometry - Vertical Image Black and White