Pure Action – 64 Card Oracle Deck

Pure Action

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The most assured way to happiness and success is to live in the present now. The present is the only time there is.

If your attention is on troubling matters of the past or if you harbor fears for the future, you can never be a hundred percent in the present moment. The present "now" is the only time there is.

Action can only be done in the present, and action on an intention or aspirations is all that matters. Pure Action is living in the present.

Experiences of the past are valuable and essential to your freedom. To rebel against these past experiences is a sure way to frustrate the true self, preventing it from emerging within you.

All your experiences are merged into the present moment when you live in the present “now” and all the force of your true nature is present when you live in the present. For if you dwell on the past or live in the future, you live in the illusion of separation and this leads to struggle and disappointment.

The Infinite Life is expressing itself in and through you, always in the present, and when you become aware of this, all fear, all tension, and all frustrating conditions in the present are dissolved away.

Pure Action is the result of the consciousness realizing its Oneness with the Whole, Infinite Life, expressing Itself through you from one Divinely appointed moment to the next Divinely appointed moment.