Bespoke Custom Sacred DNA Artwork


Down Payment of $500 – Balance of $500 on completion. (One structure only)

Each additional DNA Activating structure is $750. Typically the bespoke pieces are three structures representing the Trinity.

I work with you to create your own Sacred Geometry DNA Activating Artwork Piece which is unique to you.

I will generally visit with you, either in person followed by two or more 30 minute Zoom sessions, or the entire interview visits are conducted on Zoom.
This is that I may connect at the Soul Level with you which reveals to me the Sacred Structure or Structures that best serve you in your aspirations and needs.

The Bespoke Artworks are generally larger in size measuring  30 inches by 48 inches.  They are all produced in the Golden Rectangle in which the ratio of its length to its width is the Golden Ratio. Also called phi.

The commission fee does not include the cost of rendering the art to canvas or fine art print, or other finished format.

All my rendered printing is done in a Lab in Germany because of their extraordinary archival print quality of 100 years.


Please Note: Due to the custom nature, all Bespoke artwork typically takes three months to complete.

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All my rendered printing is done in a Lab in Germany because of their extraordinary quality.

They use the best quality material on the market and their inks are UV protected to assist in fade prevention.
We have chosen these products for their high color vibrancy and exceptional longevity.

Once the Artwork is complete the print format can be decided.
Typical print sizes are: 30 inch x 48 inch Standard
                                        37 inch x 60 inch Large
                                        Custom sizes in Golden Ration only