Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Alignment


Oracle card-Alignment-Main Horizontal image

It is in the quietness of your own meditation that the Intelligence will reveal to your own consciousness the greatness of itself. In this alignment one opens one’s mind to the Intelligence that knows all things.  Know the Intelligence from within for it reveals that the Universal Mind will fulfill our ideas and aspirations, allowing one through conscious application to strive forward with a different understanding.

This means that we must look beyond our intellect to a higher intelligence. So trust your aspirations to the great Intelligence within and your plans will prosper. Our constant belief in eventual success reaches out and unites with the Source of our being, our higher intelligence.

In visualizing our plans, our faith becomes immovable and protects the idea, in the realm of the Higher Vibration, against the negative suggestions arising from fear, concern, apprehension and worry.

We become aligned with the feeling that the operation of the Universal Mind will fulfill all our desires and aspirations. This is our conscious part we must play in co-operation with the higher Intelligence or Universal Mind.

By including the great potentialities of the Universal Mind, or Higher phases of our mind, while holding onto the ideas of success in all areas of our lives, we extend our plane of creative ability into that limitless imagination that unites us with the Universal Mind itself where all things are possible.

Alignment is realizing our oneness with all, and our work becomes a labor of love for all humanity.