Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Creativeness


Oracle Card-Creativeness-Main Horizontal Image

Creativeness is in all - it is the innate capability to create. Whether one is an artist, musician, doctor, laborer, artisan, philosopher, homemaker, no matter what one’s field of vocation is, each is giving expression in different ways. It is the same creativeness in all humanity, the only difference is the technique applied.

All are releasing their ingenuity which is self expression, giving shape, form to creative ideas. Creation takes place only in the present, and to live in the present is to live in Reality.

Life is Creation and Creation is Life - To Be is to create.  It’s that state of Being in which one thinks deeply and gains an awareness and realization that, in Reality, there is no limitation. The Innate Creative Power within sees no limitation in the world of form, recognizing that the things we can see and touch are Life actively creating.

What we call manifestation is Life actively creating. It is this Reality that breathes into the world of form. Creativeness is one’s individualized expression of the Infinite Divine Mind, God, Source within, that resides in all humanity. We are unique individuals with varying degrees of the same creative attributes of the Divine.

The Universal in Creator is individualized in all humanity. In our realization of this, our consciousness becomes aware of the One Love, one with Christ, one with God, one with each other in one Mind that is Divine, with power and dominion over all things. The absolute capability to create is within each of us, and this is our natural state of Being.