Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Illusion


Oracle card-Illusion-Main Horizontal Image

When the mind sees that it cannot create Love but only ideas about what Love should be, then it becomes silent and Love is. All problems are solved in Love. For Love is God, Source, and Source is Love. There is nothing else. All else is but an illusion of the mind, and when the mind is understood the illusion disappears; then Love works Its own magic and perfection, for It is Its own Eternity.

Negative conditions experienced in your life hold and bind you in an inharmonious state, only because of the power you give them. In reality they have no power of their own. The power bestowed upon these negative conditions is a delusion. Your own consciousness is the director, creator of every external thing that occurs in your life. No matter what one thinks, right or wrong, it will manifest.

One frees oneself from the illusion by recognizing the Infinite Divine expression is complete in itself, for whatever the consciousness is aware of, it is the director, and as the director it must produce - manifest.

Becoming aware of being the thinker allows you to direct what you wish to out-picture in your life. This is freedom from illusion. A thought enters your mind because you create it. Whenever you begin to think it is your consciousness who thinks, not something within you, but you.

Knowing you are the thinker, you create in your mind an idea you desire; it is your consciousness in that idea you created, and as you give power to the idea, from a place of knowing you are the director, the idea expands more and more until it manifests in your life according to your belief in the idea. This is Pure Action from a state of self love, free for the complete expansion of Source,God, within.