Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Infinite


Oracle card-Infinite-Main Horizontal image

You are a Divine Infinite being having a physical plane experience, the greatest gift bestowed upon humanity. It is your choice to navigate your sojourn with purpose, passion, enthusiasm, living and loving all life, for you are the life. “I am the Life.”

Whilst finite beings in human form, our life’s purpose is to recognize and realize our oneness with all, that we are manifested in the image and likeness of our Creator; we are God within. The God within is the Christ Consciousness in man/woman and this earthly journey is a Divine Gift, for it is only in human form that we get the opportunity to embrace our Infinite selves.

It is our work to open the eyes and hearts of each and every soul so that the Truth we realize is spread, and the love of God, Source, and the Brother/Sister-Love may expand as a Unified World of people.

The Infinite is individualized in your Consciousness and the source of Consciousness in you is the Divine Consciousness, as the ocean merges into the drop and the drop into the ocean.

When we gain a greater understanding of the Infinite Spirit within, not separate, it is music to our ears. It brings a peace, and an ever-expanding joy into our hearts and minds; it raises us out of the everyday world of illusion into the Oneness of Divinity.

When you realize these Truths you are one with all that lives; and when you are in harmony with all that lives, all that lives responds to you. Nature opens her secret chambers to the Eye of the Spirit in all.