Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Meditation


Oracle card-Meditation-Main Horizontal image


The process of understanding oneself is the beginning of meditation. You do not require a special technique or method, nor is a particular posture required or any specific method of breathing.

When one can look at each thought that arises while in meditation without prejudice or fear or criticism and judgment, allowing it to surface freely without resistance and not push it away, but understand its meaning, then these thoughts will not return. So the important thing is not controlling or contracting your thoughts but understanding them. One cannot understand through resistance. It is the revealing process you seek without concentration which frees the mind, and it will become quiet.

To know yourself, there must be constant awareness moment to moment without pressure, without criticism or justification, but rather a passive alertness in which you see things as they are. When the mind becomes quiet on its own accord we experience that perfect tranquility, and in this stillness of the heart and mind Reality Is.

Remember that to meditate, you do not need a method or system, as that creates a pattern and Truth is not a pattern. When we meditate with this framework of freedom, freedom will be.

It is not through the confines of the mind that the Truth is revealed. In the stillness and tranquility, we feel the Presence of God, Source; and God alone exists for He is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent.

Allow the stillness and tranquility to reveal your True Nature, One with the Divine.