Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Music and Tones

Music and Tones

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Become aware of the Audible Life Stream, the Sound Current vibrating in all creation. It can be heard by the inner ears. All of creation is receiving and emitting the music of Creator. It is music and tones without words, promoting stillness of mind, a state of meditation in which all life is sanctified.

When we become aware of the music and tones of the Creator we experience the Harmony of the Beyond. We can listen to this heavenly music any time we choose. We must strive to not treat our precious energy carelessly with incessant, idle or small talk. We can only hear the Audible Life Stream in stillness. Become the observer and listen, listen inwardly.

This Ethereal Music is going on in each of you and there is no place without it. This Divine connection is essentially musical in nature and possesses a tremendous magnetic force that attracts the Individualized Spirit of all into the spiritual realms, in oneness with God, Source.

Stillness of mind and meditation returns one to the Source and the Source of all is Sound, the Word. Find time away from the hustle and bustle, retreat into nature to observe and listen to her musical tones and seek those tones within you. Observe the colors in nature and ponder on the Universal Melody vibrating from each color.

Become aware that the spectrum of colors in all living things is producing this tremendous melody in harmony with the One Life. You are the Life and every cell in your being is reverberating in a melodious dance with the Voice from Source.