Sacred Geometry 64 Card Oracle Deck – Awareness


Oracle card-Awareness-Main Horizontal image

One must develop an awareness that will bring faith. Faith is a feeling in the thought, the knowledge that the thought will bring about exactly what the thought is itself. But if you fear, you will out-picture in your life that which you fear. Thus awareness of your thoughts at all times brings about a realization of the definite law of thought, that it produces its kind.

As we think, so we speak, and our words impress upon the Infinite Formless Substance and reproduce themselves in our own lives.

Therefore we have to become aware of our consciousness and of our thoughts, as well as knowing that we are creating causes in this Infinite Formless Substance that will form into effects in our bodies and our environment. These effects are simply the mind in action.

When we understand that health, happiness and success, every condition or event, is a result of our thinking, conscious or unconscious, then we realize it is vitally important to master a working knowledge of the laws governing our thought world.

When the consciousness knows its own power of creative thought and begins to fully understand its laws, the effect is having acquired the attitude of mind that works miracles.

Relax with this awareness. Feel that you are the center of consciousness in the Divine Mind. In this state you will realize your oneness with the inexhaustible Mighty Love, Wisdom and Power, the Love of God, Source, expressing itself through you.